We at VeganZine are holding ourselves and our fellow vegan-friendly businesses accountable when it comes to speaking out against racial injustice. We took a look at some of the companies we all know & love who have taken a strong stance. Check out their actions below — we’re looking forward to seeing their continued efforts and updating this post as we learn more.


UPrise Foods
has created a GoFundMe to raise money to support two black-owned vegan businesses to start, Discover Vegans & Cabo Vegan! They already reached their original goal of $2K but plan to keep it going in hopes of raising more for other businesses.

Recently donated to the following organizations:

Veggie Galaxy
recently donated to the following organizations:

Saus has two locations, one in downtown Boston and their veg location in Somerville’s Bow Market.
Saus Boston location has been recently been donating their waffle sales to Black Visions Collective

Koshari Mama
donated 10% of a week of sales to various BLM initiatives.


88 Acres
publicly announced a list of actions they are committed to going forward. Some of these actions include:

  • Coordinating a company-wide dialogine on anti-racism led by outside experts
  • Creating cross-functional task groups to enhance existing programs and establish new ways to support company diversity
  • Support BIPOC-led organizations
  • Refine hiring & promotion practices to build more diverse teams

Off Our Rocker Cookies 
showed support for the BLM movement on their Instagram page and recently honored George Floyd & Ahmaud Arbery in a recent post.

Veggie Galaxy
has been consistently vocal on their social media. There they show their Black Lives Matter banner hanging in the front door, shared facts about Juneteenth, and have updated their seasonal Pride logo to be inclusive of BIPOC.


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