Have you heard the joke about a vegan who rubs a magic lamp and a genie appears to grant them a wish? The vegan wishes for the genie to free all animals in captivity, but the genie tells them that’s impossible. So the vegan tries again, this time wishing for a vegan boyfriend. The genie immediately replies and says fine, I’ll free all the animals in captivity, you win! 

Alright, that is not the smoothest joke, but the point is that it can be hard for vegans who want to date other vegans! We already spend a lot of time and energy navigating the non-vegan world and finding vegan options for every area of our life, that includes dating. Two vegans who met in Boston’s animal activism community were tired of being vegan fish in the proverbial non-vegan dating pool. So in the true spirit of entrepreneurship they created Vegpal, a dating app where veganism is the default. 

Vegpal Co-Founders

Dahlia and Sravan, Vegpal’s Co-Founders, designed their application with intent and inclusivity at its core. Though their mission is to help bring together amazing vegans and vegetarians from all over the world, Vegpal knew they needed to be more than just a vegan version of other popular apps. Dahlia (she/her) and Sravan (he/him) have been very hands-on crafting Vegpal’s user experience and design, making sure to build something they personally would be excited to use. In the early stages, they sought feedback from from LGBTQIA+ vegans to ensure the app is welcoming to people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and romantic preferences. 

After downloading the app, you will complete a mini-application, including your basic information, preferences, and an acknowledgement that you are vegan or vegetarian because, as Vegpal’s philosophy states, “vegans and vegetarians deserve the very best- including a dating app free from both scams and carnivores”. Each application is reviewed by a  Vegpal team member, because catfishing is definitely not vegan. 😉 


Once your application has been approved, you can create your full profile and have access to Vegpal’s other unique features, like My Feed. Dahlia described My Feed as a perfect mash up of social media and dating apps; users can share photos, podcasts, interesting articles, or other things with links. Not everyone falls in love at first swipe so it’s nice to have the option to strike up a conversation over mutual interests and build a foundation that goes beyond knowing each other’s basic stats (ie: name, age, and occupation). In keeping up with Vegpal’s commitment to quality, there is a limit on how many times you can swipe within a certain time period. This swipe limit is a stark contrast to the super-swipe culture encouraged by other dating apps and it cautions people to slow down and bring more intention to their swipes.  

There are so many cool features that make Vegpal stand out in the app store, it’s no wonder they had to expand from their New England home base to allow users to join from all over the world. Vegpal isn’t just growing in global usership, their services will actually be expanding in the near future. The Vegpal team is working hard on a highly requested friendship feature along with other exciting updates. Follow them on Instagram and check out the Vegpal Blog for a dose of vegan love! 

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