We are so excited to see some of our favorite local, vegan-friendly restaurants on Thrillist’s list of Best Restaurants in Cambridge to Eat at Right Now. Among the many non-vegan restaurants, Thrillist highlighted two fully vegetarian spots, Clover Food Lab and Veggie Galaxy. 

Great Galaxy sandwich from Veggie Galaxy

Vegan-Friendly Spots from Thrillist List

Please confirm vegan options and ingredients directly with each restaurant as menus and often change.

All Star Sandwich Bar
(Inman Square)

Omni sandwich spot with a small veggie menu that can accommodate vegans!

Area Four
(Multiple Locations)

Omni spot with labeled vegan options including a burger and ranch dipping sauce!

(Porter Square)

Omni spot offering bagels with toppings like housemade almond butter, hummus, and plenty of veggies!

Cafe Luna
(Central Square)

Omni breakfast spot with veggie options that can be made vegan upon request!

Clover Food Lab
(Multiple Locations)

Fast casual all veggie spot with vegan options!

Dumpling House
(Central Square)

Omni Chinese restaurant with vegan options!

(Porter Square)

Omni Italian restaurant where some items can be made vegan upon request!

Grendel’s Den
(Harvard Square)

Omni restaurant and bar with labeled vegan options!

Otto Pizza
(Multiple Locations)

Omni pizza spot with labeled vegan and gluten-free options!

(Central Square)

Omni restaurant serving Turkish cuisine with a large veggie section, some dishes can be made vegan upon request.

Veggie Galaxy
(Central Square)

An all veggie diner where everything can be made vegan!

Know of any other restaurants from Thrillist’s list that have vegan options?
Please email info@theveganzine.com 

Glossary of Terms Used

  • Omni = non vegetarian or vegan restaurant 
  • Vegan-Friendly = not exclusively vegan but very accommodating for vegans
  • Veggie = lacto-ovo vegetarian restaurant  


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