Now more than ever, please support local businesses!

To combat the global pandemic of COVID19 public health officials have instructed everyone to practice social distancing and self-quarantine as much as possible.

Events big and small are being canceled to minimize public gatherings and unnecessary travel. We’re not entirely sure how long these practices will last. This has created logistical issues for many and is the type of crisis that could cause many of our favorite local businesses and makers to go out of business.

Ways to Support Local While Staying Distant!

1. Purchase gift cards for future use
2. Shop online – many vendors are offering special discounts or free delivery
3. Order delivery – instead of traveling to restaurants in person (restaurants that don’t usually offer delivery are working quickly to get this option running)
4. Give virtual support – follow, like, and subscribe to the social media pages or newsletters of your favorite brands or makers. It’s free and means a lot!

The Vegan Market has published a list of their vendors that would have been at the 3/15 market. If you were planning to attend, consider buying online from a vendor instead!

We always have our Shop Local page for you to reference.

To make these resources more comprehensive please leave a comment below, message us on social media, or email

Please keep washing your hands & listening to the advice of public health officials!

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