Vegpal is the brand new vegetarian & vegan dating app that has just recently launched for around the world! You can match with locals, or with people from across the globe. We conducted a Q&A with the founders to give you the exclusive inside look into what goes into making this type of app and what the future holds for Vegpal and its members!

Q: Let’s start with getting to know the founders! Tell us a little bit about yourselves — how long have you been vegan, any other fun facts about you 

Dahlia: I went vegetarian about 11 years ago while traveling, and I made the switch to vegan 5 years ago after learning about the dairy industry. I wholeheartedly believe that life is more beautiful and fun as a vegan!

Sravan: I was raised vegetarian, and I’ve been vegan for two years. Going vegan was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!

A fun fact about us is that we met through doing animal rights activism in Boston.  

Q: What inspired you to create Vegpal? Was it in the making for a while or did it come to you overnight? 

The inspiration for Vegpal was to create a dating app that we would want to use. Some of the top values that we wanted to incorporate into the design, was a space that is safe, private, and focused on quality over quantity of users. We began collaborating and building the foundations of Vegpalapp in February of this year (2021).

Q: Can you give us an overview of the app and how it works? 

Absolutely! To join Vegpal, potential members apply on the app. This mini-application is in place to protect the privacy of our existing users, and to create a curated member-base. Members can create their profiles, select their preferences, and then can begin swiping! Members are shown a handful of matches every 12 hours, and when you match with someone, you can start chatting with them, and connect over the things you love to chat about!  Memberships are currently totally free!

Q: The UX and app looks great! What went into the creation and design of it?

I’m glad that you’re enjoying it!  Our vision for the UX and the overall design was to create something that is easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes. We wanted to create an overall relaxing experience, to take some of the pressure off of online dating. We also took inspiration from the vegan flag, and used the colors of the vegan flag in the UI design. 

Q: Did you try other Veg dating apps before? What makes Vegpal different from the rest? 

Yes we have used a whole bunch of other dating apps! I have never been a huge fan of having my photos and personal information ‘out there’ in the public space. Vegpal is a platform that is intentionally private, and not all applications are admitted into the space. We created Vegpal with the vegan community in mind, and wanting a high quality experience for our community. 

Vegpal launched in August, and we are excited to say that we are adding new features on a weekly basis- so if you have a Vegpal membership, you can expect some exciting new features coming up! 😉

Q: What are your top goals with the app? Where do you see it in 1-2 years? 

Our goals with Vegpal are to bring hundreds of thousands of vegans together from all over the world! At this point, Vegpal is primarily and specifically for vegan & veg dating, however, based on the feedback from the vegan community so far, many people have been asking us to make a ‘friendship’ option, to meet other veg pals in their local area! We loved receiving this feedback from the vegan community, and so we plan to incorporate that option later on this year! 

Q: Any tips for people who are creating accounts or have accounts? How does one stand out?

A person’s ‘stats’, such as job, & location can only tell you so much about a person.  We believe that the best way to connect with someone is over common INTERESTS.  And because of that, we are adding a new feature, called ‘My Feed’ where users can upload videos, music, podcasts, images, etc. as a way of sharing things that they are interested in! We can’t wait to roll this new feature this October 2021

We are so excited to incorporate this awesome new feature!  

Q: Talk to us about the settings — 50 mile radius, country, and worldwide. Any advice on connecting with people from afar and how to maintain and grow those connections?

We created Vegpal with the current climate in mind. Many people are now working remotely, and their prior location constraints have opened up- There’s a lot of vegans/veggies who are- now more than ever- willing and open to meeting a significant other that lives in another part of the world. So we’ve decided to give our members the option to match with other vegans and vegetarians all over the world. We also know that many people prefer to match with others who live nearby, so the ‘radius ’option allows users to view other members in a 50 mile radius. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of the app?  

Our favorite parts of the app are actually currently in the works, and coming out soon. 

We’re really excited about My Feed, because we’ve never seen something like this on any other dating app. It really improves the conversation, when you can connect over common interests, rather than just knowing some ‘stats’ about a person.

We’re also super excited about the friend-finding option! We believe this new feature has the potential to create amazing friendships, and unite vegans/vegetarians in a powerful way. It’s great for individuals who’d love to make some veg pals, and great for the vegan movement as a whole! 

Q: Anything new to come in the future we should keep out for?

There are LOTS of new updates to keep an eye out for. We plan on continuing to add multiple new features to Vegpal every single month. Members will soon be able to send and receive photos, react to and reply to messages, just to name a few updates that are coming down the line. 

Keep an eye out for the ‘My Feed’ feature, and the friend finding feature!  

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