Looking for a new ridiculously delicious snack that’s salty, sweet, and spicy all at once? Then you have to check out Hot Date Kitchen, Somerville’s rising snack star!

Hot Date Kitchen was founded in 2020 by vegan entrepreneur Robbie Madfis. His company rose out of the coronavirus pandemic inspired, in part, by food as a means of expressing love for others through life’s difficult moments. Robbie named the company after Hot Dates, his flagship product. Hot Dates are dark chocolate coated Medjool dates that are stuffed with sunflower butter that is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne then sprinkled with sea salt. This month a brand new product joins the sweet and savory ranks, say hello to Coffee Dates!

These newbies are dark chocolate coated Medjool dates filled with a creamy combination of espresso  and tahini topped with sesame and sea salt. Coffee Dates are a collaboration with Tiny Arms Coffee based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Robbie chose to work with Tiny Arms Coffee because of the roaster’s environmental commitment that closely aligns with his own company.

Within their first year of business Hot Date Kitchen became Climate-Neutral certified. This certification required Robbie to do a deep dive into the business operations to account for all carbon emissions through the life cycle of each product. After going through that process, Robbie says, “it became clear that transitioning to compostable packaging, renewable energy purchasing, and  buying a hybrid delivery vehicle were three commitments that Hot Date Kitchen could invest in to further reduce the business’ climate impact”. Along with firm environmental values, their products are always hand-made in small batches from ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients. The sprinkle of salt on top is that 10% of Hot Date Kitchen’s profits are donated to causes that mitigate climate change and reduce global poverty.

Hot Date Kitchen products can be purchased in a variety of local shops (yay supporting local businesses!) in addition to the company’s online store. You can take 10% off your next Hot Date Kitchen order with code VEGANZINE! Your order will also come with free shipping and a money back guarantee.

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