As I was thinking about what I should write about next, I looked down at all my art and knew instantly what that would be. The art I’m referring to, are my tattoos. I recently visited (for the second time), a new tattoo shop in Meriden, Connecticut that opened. Time and Tide is a very vegan-friendly shop and as a consumer this is awesome!

Chef Sil’s Lavender Tattoo

When you walk into the shop, there’s a sense of community and it is so tastefully put together in a way that showcases many local artists. It’s a place you can go and feel totally at home. If I could, I would go there and just enjoy a cup of coffee .

There’s art everywhere you look, artisan jewelry, hand crafted candles; and all locally made. I interviewed the shop owner, Collin and was blown away by his intent behind opening the shop. Opening this shop in November, 2020 amidst the pandemic, made this particularly special. 

Collin has been vegan for the last 26 years, when asked why he became vegan, he said “because my friends were“. He started as a vegetarian and after some research, decided he would be fully vegan. In his words “it’s morally imperative for the animals”. 

When he decided to venture on his own and open the shop, he knew he wanted it to have a different culture from the traditional tattoo shops. He wanted everyone to feel safe, welcomed and most of all treated with the best customer service. He opened Time and Tide with the intention of it being an artist collective, any artist of any genre or medium. Currently Time and Tide mediums include woodworking, painting, block printing and other mediums outside of tattooing. As a repeat customer, the intent is well received. 

The shop uses only vegan ink and Collin makes his own plant-based ointment for tattoo aftercare. In collaboration with VeganZine, he is offering 10% off for any vegan related tattoos. 


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