Compassion Has Questions
A Poem by Pretty Whatever

Why do we unnecessarily create life to kill and eat
When we humans really shouldn’t be eating meat?
“The planet’s future and pure kindness can all take a seat
because our caveman ancestors knew best”- send tweet.

Sorry if I’m coming at you a bit fiery,
a flamer making an uncomfortable inquiry.
I’m just done keeping peace trapped in a diary.

Why are our children hungry all over the place?
Equality and justice-for-all certainly aren’t the case.
Or we’d have evolved past the merit white supremacy assigns to your face.

Why are our black women treated so violently?
And if they happen to be trans, why do we let pain double so quietly?
should she need wheelchair assistance? lemme guess, you’ll pray silently?
And you probably ignore gender non-binary…

Have we forgotten about our altruistic nature?
Our compassionate evolutionary behavior-
qualities that elevate us to a savior
that insist all life’s moments are to savor

That spark that slaps your soul and reminds you how to heal
That sound so poignant It causes you to feel
the satisfaction of allowing your true self to reveal…

So why not rethink our systems and challenge technology

to incorporate a sustainable, peaceful philosophy?

there’s so much power in camaraderie !

“It’s in our nature!”  Well, so is the power to choose.
We can peacefully unpack all our oppressive views,
And push our language to extinguish this deadly fuse.
Don’t you want to see less hate in the news?

But I wouldn’t be me
If i ended this unhappily
because change is a necessary reality

It’s far too easy to feel helpless
especially hearing what they tell us
that’s why I invest in your wellness
because our freedom is their jealous

I believe in your clever
I promise we can rock this endeavor
As they say, love will bring us together

even the smallest choices make incredible contributions
to this compassionate Age-of-Aquarius evolution

Welcome, Queens! Let’s jump-start this revHoelution

xoxo    #PrettyWhatever

My name is Brandan Troy, and I am a vegan Makeup Artist, writer, and self-proclaimed kindness influencer. You can follow me on Instagram and TikTok where I offer vegan/CF makeup dupes for popular products that are tested on animals. My username for both, and my blog, is PrettyWhatever, because everyone has the right to feel pretty whatever the circumstance.

You can also shop Brandan’s collaboration with Soy Much Brighter, here. Take 10% off with code ‘VEGZINE’.

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