By Erica Korff (Boston’s Vegan Kween)

Living in Downtown Boston has so many perks. You’re close to the train stations, so many hot-spots are walkable, there are dogs everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, and most of all, the vegan food scene is growing tremendously.

I’ve lived in South End for a little over a year, and I’ve been really pleased with what this part of town has to offer. There are certainly vegan-friendly restaurants that I have yet to try, but I wanted to share the ones that I have. Below you’ll find a guide of some of my favorite independently owned restaurants in South End!

Let’s start with where to find a refreshing coffee. Greystone is a newly renovated cafe on South End’s charming Appleton Street. Greystone has a few options on their menu that are vegan, like their parfait and overnight oats. What I’ve enjoyed so far from Greystone is their iced latte with Oatly’s oat milk. It’s so creamy and the espresso is strong. They also have homemade almond milk for their coffees! This cafe currently has a cute window you can order from so you don’t have to step inside if you’re not comfortable dining indoors during this time. Ordering from their window is one of the best parts of the visit!

Once you grab your coffee, head on over to Blackbird Doughnuts on Tremont Street. This doughnut shop is known for packing their doughnuts in fun pizza boxes, and usually have a couple of vegan options available. In the past they’ve had jelly and mango mojito vegan doughnuts, just to name a couple!

Who ever said vegans can’t enjoy some cheesy pizza? Upper Crust on Tremont Street carries Violife cheese, and they have put together a custom, giant vegan pizza for me before. It was delicious and packed with flavor — I really love their homemade tomato sauce.

Have a big sweet tooth? Lucky for us, FoMu is an all vegan ice cream shop that specializes in coconut milk-based ice creams. They’re also on Tremont Street, and you can get yourself a cup, a cone, or some pints to go! They also have some ice cream cakes that you can customize with a personal message if you ever have a celebration coming up.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m a sucker for Asian food. It has certainly become my favorite type of food over the years. Myers & Chang on Washington Street is the perfect spot to fulfill your cravings. They have a separate vegetarian menu and also mark up which items can be made vegan. Udon noodles, scallion pancakes, sweet & sour Brussels sprouts, and chocolate mousse are just a few of my favorites!

Barcelona Wine Bar has become a very popular spot over the years, and is a great option if you’re looking for something more upscale. This tapas restaurant is extremely vegan-friendly, as most of their vegetable-based tapas are vegan or can be prepared vegan upon request. My favorite dish from Barcelona Wine Bar are the Martha’s Vineyard mushrooms! Also help yourself to their homemade bread and dip they give to the table which is also vegan by default!

Five Horses Tavern on Columbus Avenue has a few vegan options and is a nice spot to go to for a more casual meal and drinks. I’ve had their Green Curry before and it was tasty, but extremely spicy! Be sure you’re ready for the heat before ordering. They have salads and other items that can be customized to be vegan.

If you’re a fan of Indian food, then you need to check out Mela Restaurant on Tremont Street. A ton of their vegetable items are vegan or can be vegan upon request. I really enjoyed their vegetable samosas the most, which are filled with potatoes and green peas.

*All photos are taken & owned by Erica Korff*

Erica Korff is the Co-CEO of VeganZine and the foodie behind @vegan_kween. Her passion is connecting with the community and being a helpful resource on all things vegan!

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