To my fellow vegans,

Please don’t all lives matter the Coronavirus Pandemic.

I know. I know. It is scary and confusing and hard to be a human animal right now.

There are kids lining up around the block to drink green beer in Chicago – completely disregarding the national pleas to socially distance from each other. There are all kinds of confusing mixed messages about testing and vaccines and the severity of, well, literally everything coming down from people we’re supposed to be able to trust.

And, for me at least, when I get scared and panicked and find myself spiraling to gain any kind of control, I want to blame all the bad stuff on something. Right? Because if we can look at ‘X’ and say “IT IS ALL X’S FAULT! X IS WHY WE ARE IN THIS MESS!” We feel just a teensy, tinsy bit better, right?

Listen, I get it! I’m right there with you. But – hear me out.

People are dying.

People are sick and they are scared.

There are people we love, in communities where we live, who have no idea how they are going to feed their families or pay their mortgage because the restaurants and small businesses where they work are closing their doors indefinitely.

So, when you post memes and write articles stating this big, scary, global catastrophe started because of animal agriculture or – worse – imply that people who have not transitioned to a vegan lifestyle somehow deserve to suffer during this pandemic because of their consumption of animals, sweet baby non-denominational-god-child, that is so far from helpful.

Yes. Animal agriculture is abhorrent. I have so many thoughts and feelings about it. When we aren’t in the middle of a world-wide crisis, I scream these thoughts and feelings to the far corners of the Earth.

But our current reality isn’t business as usual. It’s horrific. And I think we need to take a collective breath and prioritize how we help animals and the Earth and, right now, that means helping people.

Vegans are some of the most caring, empathetic, charitable humans on the planet.

How can we channel all that love and compassion to our fellow human animals in ways that are supportive, rather than accusatory?

Let’s demonstrate to humanity the benefits of being vegan by being kind. Let’s share our recipes for people who are stuck at home. Let’s share our favorite podcasts, and documentaries, and books about veganism – absent any kind of agenda – but simply because people are grasping at straws to stay sane right now.

And, when we’ve healed and have weathered the storm, we will take to the streets and shout our messages from the rooftops once again. But for now, let’s remember that humans are animals, too. And right now, humans need our help.

Peace, love, and vegan ice cream to you, my friends.



What to Watch:
The Game Changers (available on Netflix)

 What to Listen To:
Pod Save America (

The ChickPeeps Podcast (

 What to Eat:
One of everything from the Hot for Food Blog (

Jess Regan is a vegan-writer-womxn from the Boston area. If you’re a fan of humans perpetually covered in cat hair who write about things like the intersection of feminism and vegan ice cream, this broad is for you.

Connect with Jess on Instagram @theveganregan

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