A-Butter Moves from BOS to DMV

For those of you who did any holiday shopping at the end of the year, you may have seen that Black Owned Bos opened a holiday pop up in addition to participating at the Snowport Winter Market in Seaport! The holidays last year were when I was introduced to my, now favorite, almond butter! 

If you attended previous Seaport x Black Owned Bos outdoor markets or maybe visited the Black Owned Bos Holiday pop up at Legacy Place back in December of 2020, you may have had the pleasure of meeting Aaron (he/him) of A-Butter! Aaron Spencer is owner and founder of A-Butter, a vegan-friendly Black-owned business from Boston. 

When you think plant based food, your first thought may not be almond butter. For Spencer, almond butter didn’t necessarily start as a vegan snack option. His love for almond butter stemmed from an early craving of healthier options back when he was living in Brooklyn, NY.  

Spencer wasn’t always vegan but made the switch back in January of 2018.  His love for almond butter blossomed into a business idea shortly after he turned vegan.  When asked why almond butter specifically, Spencer stated “As an adult, I noticed that my older family members suffer from high blood pressure, and sometimes heart disease. When researching, I realized almond butter is healthy for the heart, and I was encouraged by my friends and family to start the business.”

Not to say he doesn’t love peanut butter, like most of us might, but almond butter has an edge on good ole peanut butter according to Spencer, “Almond Butter has more of a robust flavor than peanut flavor, and it meshes well with the flavors I created. Almond Butter also has slightly more fiber, minerals, and vitamins than peanut butter (even though I love them both)!”  I can’t say I knew that much about almond butter before but with this little bit of knowledge, I don’t feel any bit bad when I eat A-Butter by the spoonful out of the jar!

Typically, A-Butter has 4 staple flavors – Regular, Maple, Honey*, Apple Cinnamon. Spencer has been adding one rotating seasonal or speciality flavor. Spencer did admit, “it’s been fun to release the seasonal flavors – like a surprise every few months for customers.” My favorite was Gingerbread last year and a favorite of Spencers has been the tried and true Maple.  A few other seasonal surprises have been Chocolate Coconut and Pumpkin!

*Honey flavor contains bee honey

Photo by A-Butter

VeganZine does love to highlight local New England businesses and will always have a spot in our heart for those who relocate. Aaron recently made the move from Boston to the DMV area. Wish him the best of luck in and be comforted by the the fact that once he is settled you can still get your long distance A-Butter fix!

Purchase your almond butter at www.AButterByAaron.com, subscribe to his website, or follow on Instagram or Facebook

Three orders always get you free shipping!  

Although A-Butter is no longer located in New England, he did shout out a few of his favorite vegan spots in the greater Boston area- Oasis, Stoked Wood Fire Pizza, Friendly Toast and FoMu!

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