I have always loved the kitchen and the “why” of the food products.

When finally I decided to go this way after going different other ones looking for “me”, my main focus became first “food” and than “food for health”. I always had many questions about food and us, their color, shape, taste, their contribution in term of nutrition, what part of the body benefits the most…

My mother used to pay close attention to what to feed us especially me as I never liked to eat but I loved the kitchen and all activities going on in there. Our mother and grand mother words: “Eat that or Drink that because it is good for you” “It will help with headache”, “This will fight anemia!”, “for that cold”… “For the fever”…At the time it was our nightmare and I understood better when I had to deal with my own children, especially my daughter who had the same questions for me: “Why should I eat this or that”

All made a lot of sense to me later and… Pressed’O was finally “born”

Pressed’O offers meaningful drinks and food according to the season to complete all natural process using fresh products. We use local whenever it is available. It is important to fuel our body and also our mind to build strength that can fight unwanted casualties. Our immune system is our best ally, once compromised we are in trouble. If “food” is one area where strength can be built, why not doing it? At Pressed’O It is a priority! As we service our cars, our body need also the same care, cleaning it, fueling it, maintaining it at all time.

Healthy food helps in building strength and happiness beside other practices: good sleeping habit, exercising, calm time, fun time…

We are what we eat!

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