karen pca photo - Lindsey Feldman
karen pca photo - Lindsey Feldman

Positive Change for Animals (PCA) is a non-profit volunteer group founded in Clinton, MA in 2015. PCA’s mission is unique within the sphere of animal rights and social change organizations.

PCA distinguishes itself by engaging in positive, transformative campaigns, events, and educational offerings to promote animal rights. PCA is different from its peer advocacy and rescue organizations because it focuses only on positive, inclusive, and community-minded engagement, camaraderie, and socialization to promote a more humane society for animals.

PCA’s goal is to leverage change for animals by spreading the mission and spirit of animal rights to the broader public, who, once introduced to these ideas, often quickly gravitate towards more humane life choices.

We are an open door to all who love animals and would like to help them, whether you are vegetarian already, veg-curious, or vegan.  Our focus is on building momentum for animals by being supportive of each other, and focusing on what we have in common rather than what we have apart. We want animal rights to become accessible, better understood, and undeniably popular and inclusive! Animals are a gift to all of us, and the world is a kinder place when we extend justice and decency to all sentient beings.

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