We make a really DELICIOUS soft plant-based cheese (just ask our moms).

Our products are not for everyone! Wait… did they just say that? Yes, yes, we did. If you are seeking a cheese that has done it’s best to imitate dairy cheese. We are not the cheese you are looking for. We don’t use oils/thickeners/starches/creams/(insert unpronounceable ingredient here)____________, to try and “be” a dairy cheese. Our cheese is what you get when you take quality real food ingredients, old-world cheese making techniques and the amazing science & art that comes with f e r m e n t a t i o n . A living food. Rich & creamy texture, robust flavor, a versatile cheese for spreading, dipping, cooking, baking, topping, and best of all, sharing. THIS. is. us. Now, if THIS sounds like what YOU are looking for, yes, continue! Welcome! 😊

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