F695AD28-2878-45B6-A88F-BC9DCFCC5FB1 - Catherine Richardson
F695AD28-2878-45B6-A88F-BC9DCFCC5FB1 - Catherine Richardson

Catherine Wright (she/her) opened this vibey space in Brookline to elevate your beauty experience.

Even if you’re just popping by for a brow wax this is a moment to reset and refresh. As soon as you walk in you’re already experiencing an energetic shift being held by luscious plants, heart chakra crystals, and rainbow light. Our facials work to align your four bodies – physical, mental / emotional, spiritual, and energetic. You’re coming in for your skin and getting a facial for your whole being. It’s like leaving with a dewy, bright complexion is the secondary benefit of the experience because you feel so amazing.

Our goal is to have you looking as good as you feel. Animal free and cruelty free products are the best choice for skincare because they often do not require inflammatory ingredients to extend shelf life or make the product look, smell, or spread nicely. Cellular inflammation causes premature aging. The skincare brands we work with are both PETA certified and align with our clean beauty ethos. Our face and body wax is also bee’s wax free.

Pop by and see for yourself 🙂

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